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I've been using Tree::XPathEngine::NodeSet, it says in the docs:

get_nodelist() Returns a list of nodes. See Tree::XPathEngine::XMLParser for the format of the nodes.

But where is the docs for Tree::XPathEngine::XMLParser ?? Cant seem to find them on CPAN, the page does not exists, I guess it is named differently or something, any idea?

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get_nodelist() returns a list of the nodes in your tree.

This bit of docs comes straight from XML::XPath, from which Tree::XPathEngine is derived. I will update the docs.

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Since it doesn't look like the documentation was updated, I think this is what snoofkin is looking for: search.cpan.org/~cjm/HTML-Tree-5.03/lib/HTML/Element.pm –  HVS Dec 22 '13 at 19:36

This is a quote from the Tree::XpathEngine POD:

WARNING: while the underlying code is rather solid, this module most likely lacks docs.

As they say, "patches welcome"... but I am also interested in any experience using this module, what were the tricky parts, and how could the code or the docs be improved.

The module author (mirod) is a member of SO. If he doesn't answer your question here, you could submit a bug report requesting a revision to the doc.

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