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i have this XML structure:

<album _mngid="1">

  <album _mngid="2">

  <album _mngid="3">

I'd like to order di XML file by the evalue of '_mngid' attribute, but i have a lot of problem.. :(

The best that i've tryed is: foreach($xml->sortedXPath('collection/album','/@_mngid', SORT_DESC) as $album) {

but i obtain this order: 1,2,12,3,10,4,14,5,9,6,11,7,13,8,15 (in the XML file i have now 15 items).

Can u help me please to understand the right way?

Thanks very very much! bye bye

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There isn't a sort mechanism in XPath 1.0. So this question is only about the not standard sortedXPath method of your XPath engine. Retagging. –  user357812 Feb 19 '11 at 13:36
Hi, excuse me but i don't understand well what i do.. :) I must change the tag of my discussion? I must delete "xpathengines"? I use SimpleDOM and i must sorting the node of my xml file.. Please tell me exactly what i must do! Thanks very much! bye –  Delizard Feb 19 '11 at 15:49

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You are using /@_mngid, which corresponds to the root node. If you want to select the current node's attribute, use @_mngid. For instance:

foreach($xml->sortedXPath('collection/album','@_mngid', SORT_DESC) as $album) {
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