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I'm having a problem with a simple Notepad application I'm writing to teach myself basic Python/PyQt. Specifically, I want to know how to change the multi-touch pan gesture sensitivity on a QListWidget.

As it is now, when I drag up and down with 2 fingers, it seems like the list is moving up/down one step for each pixel I move with my fingers. This is nothing I've implemented myself, it seems to work out of the box for list widgets

I want the movement to mimic the speed of my fingers i.e one move up/down of the widget items for every x*height_of_item_in_pixels. Is this doable without major hacking into the gesture system? How would I go about this?

I'm using PyQt 4.8.3 with Python 2.6

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More than likely this functionality exists because the multitouch event is being interpreted by your operating system as a scroll of some type and QT is recieving the scroll action, rather than the multitouch action directly.

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