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I've recently migrated my CI server from an old version of CruiseControl to Hudson. The only feature I miss from CruiseControl is the ability to receive email build notices of EVERY build, not just those that cause the status of the project to change.

I'm ESPECIALLY interested in build notifications for all successful builds.

Anyone out there doing this? Or is it time for me to learn Hudson plugin development?

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You want to install the Email-ext plugin. It will allow you to configure emails notices for each build.

I use it to send emails for successful builds. You can configure it send the email to the committers, or a fixed list of recipients.

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Thanks...works like a champ. –  Jared Feb 2 '09 at 22:14

When configuring your project, under "Editable Email Notification", there is a button "Advanced...", which, upon clicking, reveals a number of items, including a dropdown labelled "Add a trigger:". One of the options is "Success".

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But only if you have the Email-ext plugin installed; which is what the accepted answer mentioned some two months back. –  Christopher Orr Apr 5 '10 at 15:42

You should not see this error message after you click on Hudson->ManageHudson->configure System. Then you configure email.

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