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As I understand it, Vista introduced a completely rearchitectured sound input/output system to the OS. In particular, before Vista there was a single system-wide sound mixer, to which output devices could be connected. For recording, it was possible to retrieve data directly from a recording device or from this mixer.

In Vista and later, as I understand it, there is no longer a system-wide mixer. It is possible, in theory, to route some sounds to one output device and other sounds to a different output device,1 and this requires separate mixers for each output device.

Now, I have a simple recording application that I would like to update to take advantage of this new API. In particular, I was hoping it would be possible to let the user select one of the output devices as an audio data source. My reasoning is that the OS probably mixes all the inputs into each sound device anyway, and hopefully provides a way to tap into the mixed data.

Is it possible to select an output device as an input into my recording application, and if so, how?

1Although I am yet to find any UI that actually lets one do this.

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Loopback Recording

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Wow, looks perfect! Are there any other sound recorders that make use of this feature, or will mine be the first one in the world? :))) It's been five years now, surely there are some recorders that support this... –  romkyns Feb 20 '11 at 13:05

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