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What tools do I need instaled in NetBeans to build C++ programs? I don't have anything in "Tool Collections" in Options>C/C++. How can I add this tools in the most simple way? What is the standard tools for C++ programm execution, debug, syntaxis

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In Linux you have to install gcc and g++.
In windows you can use cygwin.
Download and install by choosing appropriate options

In the search box search for "gcc" "gdb" "make" and mark "install" for all three.

Then, go to netbeans,
Tools -> Options -> C/C++

Click Restore defaults.

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“In the search box search for "gcc" "gdb" "make" and mark "install" for all three.” Can you explain in more detail? –  Andrey Pietrov Jun 25 '13 at 15:11
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