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I'm learning razor syntax, using the startersite in WebMatrix and trying to display some data from a table. I want to select only the data from the logged in user, so in effect want to say

...WHERE UserId =@WebSecurity.CurrentUserId";

but that doesn't work.

Using the @0 method doesn't work for me either - I get an 'A parameter is missing. [ Parameter ordinal = 1 ]' error.

Do I have to set a variable then use the @0 / @1 / @whichever way? If so - what's wrong with this code?

//Is the user logged in?

//Get the user's data

var TheUser = WebSecurity.CurrentUserId;

   var db= Database.Open("StarterSite");
   var sqlQ = "SELECT * FROM Days WHERE UserId =@0";
   var data = db.Query(sqlQ);

I'm sure this is very much a beginners issue but I'm just trying to get started. Any help greatly appreciated.

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You need to pass the value to the query

var data = db.Query(sqlQ, TheUser);
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Awesome, thank you. – cavill Feb 19 '11 at 15:14

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