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I want to download a remotely hosted image using codeiogniter . and a validation feature also has to be added so that only images are downloaded.. is it possible to use the built in functions offered by CI ??

thanks .

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This solution is not from CI but PHP, think it can be usefull anyway. May be checking the image size is enough to be sure it's an image, like

$imagedata = getimagesize('http://othersite.com/image.jpg');

or use exif_imagetype

if ( ! function_exists( 'exif_imagetype' ) ) {
    function exif_imagetype ( $filename ) {
        if ( ( list($width, $height, $type, $attr) = getimagesize( $filename ) ) !== false ) {
            return $type;
    return false;

if( exif_imagetype('http://othersite.com/image.jpg') ) 
//is an image 
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To get a remote image, you can just use file_get_contents, assuming allow_url_fopen is set to on in php.ini.


Once you have that, you can validate the file extension, or try and resize the image to check that it really is an image.

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