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I'm setting up routes in application.ini, so when I try to access /moved, it displays cont/move. It works but only if I type moved all lower letters exactly like it's setup on the first line. How can I make Moved or moVed or any other letter combination also work? Do I need to do it in Bootstrap to get finer control and how?

routes.test.route = moved
routes.test.defaults.controller = cont
routes.test.defaults.action = move
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This is not a wise approach.

URLs are case sensitive for a reason. You will get duplicate content penalty from search engines. Users will be confused too.

However, you may create controller plugin to achieve this:

public function preDispatch()
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Thanks for the clarification about SEO. Didn't think of that one. –  jblue Feb 21 '11 at 0:04

I've searched Google for a few minutes, and this page (http://joshribakoff.com/?p=29) covers a nice patch. This patch overrides the request object, instead of the dispatcher or the router.

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