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I would like to create a new function what I can use on elements, like:


I'm not talking about this:

document.getElementById("element").myNewFunction = function(){

Because this works on that element only, but how should I create global function what I can use on all elements like the ones what are built in to javascript?

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it' bad style i think. Instead of this, create some hash where key is id of the element, and the value - function. i will be more simple to understand and use – Falcon Feb 19 '11 at 20:51
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Use Element's prototype to extend its functionality:

Element.prototype.myNewFunction = function() { 
      // your code...

Now you can call this method on any element object.

Edit: I've just had a quick check around, and it appears that this will not work for IE7 and below, and IE8 might be iffy.

Edit 2: Also as Eli points out it's probably not best practice to extend objects you don't own. Given this and shaky IE support you might want to consider a simple procedural function:

function myFunction(element) {
  // your code...

  // which may or may not return an object or value
  return blah;
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Hmm, element's prototype? so there are prototypes for all kinds of object types? I never really understood how prototypes are working :) – Adam Feb 19 '11 at 20:33
Read to understand Prototypal inheritance – Zimbabao Feb 19 '11 at 20:35

See this question: In Javascript, can you extend the DOM?.

While it is possible to do, its generally considered bad practice to change the functionality of objects you don't own.

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Prototype (the library) does this, extends the native (built-in) DomElement class by adding methods to its prototype. It doesn't work in old IEs though so I'd recommend against it.

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For example: = function () {


Figure out right object to extend by querying document.getElementById("element").constructor

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