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When I issue this select statement in the Oracle web console it returns all the rows in the table:

select * from sbus;

However when I issue this delete statement I receive an error message - ORA-00903: invalid table name

delete * from sbus;

This table is very simple:

create table sbus
( id            number(11)          not null,
  sbu           varchar2(75 char)   not null,
  sbu_name      varchar2(250 char)  not null,
  constraint sbus_pk primary key (id)
    using index (create index sbus_px on sbus (id))

What is with the invalid table name error! And why are the records not deleted!

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"Why are the records not deleted" - generally, if Oracle issues an error message, it means it was not able to process your command - in which case (I'd hope) it did nothing. – Jeffrey Kemp Feb 21 '11 at 5:59

if what you are trying to accomplish is to empty the table the command is something like:

truncate sbus;

if you are trying to delete some rows:

delete from sbus where .....//put your condition

the * in your query is the problem.

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It should be:


(without star "*")

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