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I am responding an ajax request with a js file.

$('#liststudents').html("<button>Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>");

and the problem occurs if i try to use ANY HTML PROPERTY like,

$('#liststudents').html("<button class="">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>");
$('#liststudents').html("<button href="">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>");

any of these fails, but i cannot see why?

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actually every answer is true, but i am going to select the one with escaping, because it is the way i think which will fit every situation about this problem, thanks for all –  gkaykck Feb 20 '11 at 7:49

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To have a quote appear in your output you need to escape them with a \ character, like

$('#liststudents').html("<button class=\"\">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>");
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I think it is because of the " inside your string. Try this:

$('#liststudents').html("<button class=''>Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>");
$('#liststudents').html("<button href=''>Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>");


"<button class="">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>"

the String is this:

"<button class="

because the last " "terminates" the string. And this will produce an error.

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Tim's right. Change "" to '' .i.e. the double-quotes inside the string to single-quotes. Though why do you want an empty CLASS or HREF? –  Neil Feb 19 '11 at 22:13
I think it is only an example. Of course it oes not make sense to have an empty class or href. –  Tim Feb 19 '11 at 22:58
i am actually writing some stuff in that blank quotes :D but i tried to make the code simplified –  gkaykck Feb 20 '11 at 7:44

You seem to be mixing those double quotes. And those two statements seem to be redundant as the second overwrites the work of the first. Try this instead:

$('#liststudents').html('<button href="">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>');

or even better:

    .append($('<button/>').attr('href', '').text('Duzenle'))
    .text('24 Name Surname')

And by the way a <button> tag doesn't have an href attribute so you might need to adapt this if you want valid markup.

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Because you use " as a JS delimiter, thus your content can't contain ".

$('#liststudents').html('<button class="">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>');
$('#liststudents').html('<button href="">Duzenle</button> 24 Name Surname<br/>');

If the answer comes from Rails, use the escape_javascript helper.

$('#liststudents').html('<%= escape_javascript(@variable) %>');
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