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The goal is to get a simple 2d audio visualizer that is somewhat responsive to the music.

I've got the basics set up, where I have graphics that will respond to some data being fed in. Given a file, I load up an audioInputStream for playback (this works fine), and have that running in a thread. In another thread, I would like to extract byte data at a rate close to the playback (or perhaps faster, to allow for delay in processing that data). I then want to feed that to an FFT process, and feed the resulting data to my graphics object that will use it as a parameter for whatever the visualization is.

I have two questions for this process:

1) How can I get the byte data and process it at a rate that will match the normal playback of a file? Is using an audioInputStream the way to go here?

2) Once I do FFT, what's a good way to get usable data (ie: power spectrum? Somehow filtering out certain frequencies? etc..)

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