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Solution: Android Device Chooser not showing Android device

THis is getting annoying. My device shows up in eclipse on all platforms.. Except when I am on my Ubuntu laptop.. when I "run configurations" with it set to Manual.. I can see that there is an Emmulator running that I can Install the App to.

Problem is, the Emulator is a pile of horse crap when it comes to testing on real devices like my Samsung Captivate.

When the Captivate is plugged in via USB.. it shows via ICON, except the ID is set to ??????????? and nothing else seems to be registering. I can highlight it, but I can't launch it.

The captivate I am using is Rooted and running the LagFix Kernal.. However this has never hindered me on Windows or OSX.

Help.. I am trying to go completely Linux.. if it kills me.

See screenshot below: http://img265.imageshack.us/i/sdkbugeclipse.png/

UPDATE: Device is showing in the manager even when not connected?!?! This has to be some weird Eclipse bug.. PLEASE HELP!

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Solution (in case you missed my edit) need to add the correct Samsung Device ID when using the SDK with Ubuntu: link

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Also, with the captivate.. if the Samsung USB drivers don't work with XP, load the USB Driver from the Android SDK for ADB compat. – jdrefahl Sep 6 '11 at 19:42

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