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I'm having issues with jQuery selectors (again). I'm sure this is really simple but I seem to be strugling.

This is the selector that's causing me problems. The variables ClassImg and TitleImg all seem to be ok.

$('img [class=' + ClassImg + '][attr="1"][title=' + TitleImg + ']').attr("src", "../graphics/stars/FullStar.png");

I've been fiddling about with it here: http://jsfiddle.net/PottyMonster/aYr8e/

Thanks in advance for your help.


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Could you please add the simplest possible html tree to the question? The jsFiddle example has more code than what is needed at a first glance, but without the html you are trying to match it's impossible to say what is wrong with your selector... –  Tomas Lycken Feb 20 '11 at 2:16

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Some helpful notes:

  1. You can use img.' + ClassImg the class selector instead of the [attr] selector for class names.
  2. I assume you mean alt=1
  3. Since you are using jquery look at using .hover() as it will help produce less Unobtrusive javascript.
  4. If you use Unobtrusive javascript wrap your event handlers in $(document).ready(function(){}); or simply $(function(){});

From looking at what your example it appears like you want to highlight the stars on hover. Since you have the stars under a <p> tag you can call parent on the <img> and than use the :lt() selector to select the <img/> stars less than the current star you are hovering over. Putting this all together ends up with something like the following:

$("img").hover(function() {
    var AltImg = $(this).attr("alt");
    $(this).parent().children(":lt(" + AltImg + ")").attr("src", "http://www.sweetashoney.co.uk/graphics/stars/FullStar.png");
function() {
    $('img[name=FeedbackStar]').attr("src", "http://www.sweetashoney.co.uk/graphics/stars/EmptyStar.png");

Example on jsfiddle.

Hope this helps! If I missed the mark let me know and I will revisit.

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wow! That's perfect, I knew there must have been a easier way, ...but at 2am I wasn't functioning too well,lol. Thanks Mark! –  Dan Twining Feb 20 '11 at 10:14

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