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I am working on a ray tracer. It's on

I can find much noise in the first image when I look close. My question is: is it the normal behaviour for jittered sampler?

some info:The first image is rendered in 1024 samples/pixel (ambient occlusion), Jittered Sampler. And, there is not much difference when I rendered it in 256 samples/pixel.

the source code is in the sampler.h/, which is short. and any comments on other part of this ray tracer are welcome.


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To me it doesn't look like noise from sampling but rather like there are problems in the ray/triangle intersection logic ("surface acne") which gets masked by the anti-aliasing through oversampling. Are you adding a proper epsilon to your ray's starting point when firing secondary/shadow rays?

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I do give the ray's starting point a eps. Or there will be much strange strip on the floor plane. However I will consider your suggestion and try some greater eps. Thanks. – craftsman.don Feb 23 '11 at 8:21

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