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I'd like to create a Hyperlink from one GWT module to another. Instead of hard-coding a URL string, I want to programmatically convert a module class to its associated URL so that when the class is refactored it does not result in broken links. Any ideas?

UPDATE: I want to be able to look up the URL for EntryPoint "B" from inside EntryPoint "A".

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An EntryPoint doesn't have a URL, an EntryPoint's URL is any page includes the relevant nocache.js file, which can be any number of pages in your site.

So there is no programmatic way to get the one-and-only page that includes a given EntryPoint, since it can be any page that includes the script.

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That's a shame. I can't think of a reason to ever include the same EntryPoint in two separate html files and this means the code is now harder to refactor. Thanks for the clarification! –  Gili Feb 20 '11 at 14:45

Use GWT#getHostPageBaseURL() or GWT#getModuleBaseURL() to construct relative paths

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This retrieves the current URL, not the URL of other EntryPoints. –  Gili Feb 20 '11 at 14:22

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