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I've got an app that I want to run on my www subdomain. It's been running on a test subdomain - gae - for a while, and is still running there. In my google apps account, I added the www subdomain for the app angine application, and have added the appropriate CNAME to my DNS. For some reason, while I can still see the app on my gae subdomain, I get the browser's "Can't find the server" error message when trying to connect to the www subdomain. Any great ideas why?

What's even weirder, is that I can't view the app on its appspot URL: - works - can't even get a 404 here. The server is MIA, same as the appspot URL above. What's going on?

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Your app is serving 404 responses on both of those domains. As to why it's doing that, it's impossible to say without seeing your code - perhaps you have some middleware that discriminates based on domain?

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The problem ended up being a DNS issue, which I think I've gotten straightened out.

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