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I am running a custom search method for my Users model. However it's case sensitive... How do I temporarily change my User object model attributes to be all lower case for my search method?

for example:

if someone searches "Joe", and there are 2 users named Joe, and joe, both should show up.. instead of just Joe

In my User controller

def search
  search = params[:search_user].downcase
  @users = User.search(search)

In my User model:

def self.search(search_user)
  if search_user
    #make firstname here!!!!
    find(:all, :conditions => ['firstname LIKE ?', "#{search_user}"] )
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What is your database engine? Sqlite3, MySQL, Postgres, Oracle? They have different ways of doing it. For instance, in Postgres it's simply ilike. –  the Tin Man Feb 20 '11 at 5:48

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find(:all, :conditions => ['LOWER(firstname) LIKE ?', search_user.downcase])

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