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Currently i have multi-language setup on my system with no url change. so www.test.com can be English or Spanish or whatever. The user changes the language from the footer.

But i am thinking maybe it is better to have separate sub-domains for each language like fr.test.com or fr.photos.test.com, etc. Then maybe even add localization like fr-fr.test.com or fr-fr.photos.test.com, etc.

1) Any benefit to add subdomains like above instead of doing what i am already doing?
2) If yes, then how to configure codeignitor to do it for language and localization?

Currently i have a language lookup table which the system uses to output to the user to change the language.

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I think it's better not to make many subdomains (from SEO perspective every subdomain will be as different website) and use something like website.net/fr-fr/category/subcategory or something like Microsoft uses:

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