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Hey guys I'm new to git Now I make a remote repo by using these command

mkdir NewRepo
cd NewRepo
git init


Then I clone this repo to local

git clone user@server:/path/to/app/.git

This worked for me, But I want give the repo a name, do something like everybody else does:

git clone user@server:/path/to/app/reponame.git

Is there anyone can tell me how to do this, thanks

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It is possible to create a git repository directly in a folder, without the subdirectory .git. To do this, you do this:

mkdir myrepo.git
cd myrepo.git
git init --bare

This is called a bare repository - it contains the contents of what would normally be in a .git folder. It has no working copy. These sorts of repositories are usually used when you want to push your changes up to a remote server; i.e., when your remote repository basically reflects what you've committed locally.

More detail:

  1. Use in distributed workflows.
  2. setting up a public repository
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The name is given by the directory, as mentioned above, though it does support given a description for software like gitweb:

echo "Happy description" >.git/description
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This is what "git instaweb" uses and works well for naming. –  Matias Forbord Jun 6 '13 at 11:47

Repositories don't have names, you just use the folder name (I suppose you could name the folder "app.git":

git clone user@server:/path/to/app

Remotes do have names, e.g. "origin" or whatever you like. This is up to the client though, not a property of the remote repository.

git remote add origin user@server:/path/to/app
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