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I have a textbox1 and button1 and panel1 (which is used as a popup control)

i want if textbox1.text="show" then modalpopup control whose id is panel1 will be visible on buttonclick event other wise .... modal popup control panel1 will not be shown ...

how to do this ? using vb.net ?

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Use Javascript's getElementById method to determine if the text has that specific value and then call showPopup() if you want to.

function showPopup() {
    var modalPopupBehavior = $find('programmaticModalPopupBehavior');
function hidepopup() {
    var modalPopupBehavior = $find('programmaticModalPopupBehavior');

I know you stated, you want to do this in vb.net, but then you're at server-side and it is far easier to deal with this on client-side if you don't have something not to.

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what to do in this ... programmaticModalPopupBehavior – user594849 Feb 20 '11 at 8:29
this is the behavior for your ModalPopupExtender control. – Kenan Deen Feb 20 '11 at 8:46

Here's how you do in code-behind. Add this to your button click event:

If TextBox1.Text = "something" Then
End If
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