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I have a horizontal menu of five images. All of these 5 images have active and grayed state. When a particular image is active the rest 4 need to be grayed out. Similarly for the other images.

I did it in jquery and that too the code is not so optimized and good. It is like this

  $("#imageidone").click(function() {
         $("#imageidone").attr("src","/path to image_active");
         $("#imageidtwo").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
         $("#imageidthree").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
         $("#imageidfour").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
         $("#imageidfive").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
      $("#imageidtwo").click(function() {
        $("#imageidone").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
        $("#imageidtwo").attr("src","/path to image_active");
        $("#imageidthree").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
        $("#imageidfour").attr("src","/path to image_grayed");
        $("#imageidfive").attr("src","/path to image_grayed"); });
and so on for imageidthree, imageidfour, imageidfive

How can I do it in a better way using CSS sprites or a more compact jqueryish way,

Thank You

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Use a loop:

var all = ['#imageidone', '#imageidtwo', '#imageidthree', '#imageidfour', '#imageidfive'];

$.each(all, function(selector, idx) {
    $(selector).click(function() {
        $(all.join()).attr('src', '/path to image_grayed');

        $(selector).attr('src', '/path to image_active');
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Is idx an ID here, and how do I call this function, as I need to change the state of 4 images to gray and 1 to active. your $(all.join()).attr('src', '/path to image_grayed'); has path to only one gray image –  singularity Feb 23 '11 at 9:21
Using sprites will make this code work as well as give you better network performance. –  LiraNuna Feb 24 '11 at 3:17
Do I need to use jquery as well in that case, Actually I am not sure how to add onclick event handlers on sprite images. –  singularity Feb 25 '11 at 11:29

You can do it css sprites,

Make a big image with all states and make classes in css and using jquery you can change the class name.

As you always load only one image , performance will be good.

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how do I put click event and change the state of the other 4 images, and how many times do I need to do this? –  singularity Feb 20 '11 at 9:14

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