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I'm getting mixed info regarding the GRAPH of the Object Alloc tool in Instruments...

On one hand, I've heard several people claim (<-- see thread) that the graph doesn't take deallocations into account and it will always rise. Yet when I use it myself, I can see that it sometimes DOES go down, particularly when I release a resource. So, can someone please tell me what the heck I am looking at when I see the graph in the Object Alloc tool?

And if you, too, are going to re-assert the well-spread claim that the graph indeed does not take deallocations into account, please do us laypeople a favor and be very thorough in your explanation -- taking special care to address exactly what you assume the graph to be doing when it does go DOWN, and it does.

*Refer to the answer in this thread:
Checking memory allocation in Instruments

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It depends entirely on how you configure the allocations instrument. If you click the little (i) on the Allocations instrument, you'll see a configuration sheet like the one below.

If you only want to track live allocations, then turn that on! If you want to record every last retain/release (very useful for figuring out zombies and over-retains), you can turn that on, too!

It even has filtration; filter down to just your objects, if you want.

enter image description here

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