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I have the following code and need to check if a value exists as an array key.

I can't seem to generate the index of the key even though it does exist, any help would be great.


var run = { // store the actions to trigger

    block : function() {

    warning : function() {


console.log( $.inArray( 'warning' , run ) );

As far as I can see, warning exists inside run{} and should return an index of 1.

Why isn't the above doesn't get found (index is returned as -1).

Thanks for reading.

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$.inArray() expects the 2nd parameter to be an actual array. Something like var arr = [1,2,'three', 3.5,4]; – deostroll Feb 20 '11 at 8:26
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run isn't an array (it's just a plain object) so it doesn't have an index. Even though block comes before warning, objects are order-less, so you can't say that run has an index of 1.

To check if an object has a particular key, simply check:

if ('warning' in run) {...}


if (run.warning) {...}
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Doh! Thanks for your help, that makes perfect sense. I should really know by now that {} != []. Either way, thanks again. – Jannis Feb 20 '11 at 8:27

You can simply use:


If you get a value, you've found your function.

As for the index - run isn't an array, it is an object (or a hash, or a map, depending on when you're coming from). Objects' properties do not have orders, and they are not even guaranteed to keep the same order every time you iterate over them.

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