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I have included a readMe file in my set up project and have associated a *.rtf file with it. Steps I followed are--

1) create a *.rtf file and include it in "Application Folder" of "File System" by right clicking on set up project. 2) Later add a ReadMe dialog in "User INterface". 3) Than include this *.rtf file to it.
4) "Sunken" property is true.

But the contents of my *.rtf file are not getting reflected when I actually try to install my installer package. I am just getting a blank readMe file while installing the package.

Can Anyone kindly let me know the fix for this.

Thanks In Advance.

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After some googling around I found this page. It seems that if you make your rtf file with Word the file will be unreadable to the setup project. If you make it with Wordpad, no problem at all. I just tested it in vs 2005 and it works.

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Thank you so much. – codeLover Feb 20 '11 at 11:41
Why does MS Word add so much garbage to its documents in general anyway? – froeschli Feb 20 '11 at 11:52

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