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What purpose does PECL UUID package for PHP serve ?

It does not have any documentation. If we pass a name (string) can we get UUIDs & if we pass UUIDs will it return Topic names ? Are there any APIs for this purpose ? If anyone finds any documentation, it would be really helpful ?

Are there any alternative for generation of UUIDs ? (only for php ) I am using yii framework.

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This link is good. Dr UUID php implementation

Its a php implementation Simple APIS Version 3/5 UUIDs will help my work

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You might want to try one of these pure code implementations for the generation of Universally Unique Identifiers (UUIDs):

I'm not sure why you'd pass in a string into a UUID generator - and you certainly wouldn't be able to return anything useful by passing in a UUID. The ID simply serves as something that should be globally unique once generated, and can be used for those purposes where an identifier that conforms to that principle would be useful.

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Thanks for your time.pure code implementations have some collision probability. ajaxray link : i had gonr through it. The other link helped me in finding a new php implementation. which has simple apis. – Girish Feb 20 '11 at 12:31

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