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sorry for the stupid question. I'd like to install the gas-preprocessor (https://github.com/yuvi/gas-preprocessor) but I just don't get how to do this. What do I have to do with the .pl-file? How do I install the script? Thanks in advance, Alex

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Does XCode let you set your assembler in a preferences pane? Near the top of the script, # usage: set your assembler to be something like "perl gas-preprocessor.pl gcc" If you can set the assembler in XCode, set it to perl /path/to/gas-preprocessor.pl gcc. You can probably store the script in a ~/bin/ directory, or with the project you're working on that needs the different assembler. –  sarnold Feb 20 '11 at 11:12

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Well i had the same problem "GNU assembler not found, install gas-preprocessor"

Later it turned out that i didnt had the correct file because i copy pasted the code in text editor

The correct way to do it is:

(a) Use the download button at https://github.com/yuvi/gas-preprocessor

(b) Extract the archive

(c) Remove any other file by same name which you have downloaded and you were experimenting with.

(d) copy the file gas-preprocessor.pl at /usr/local/bin

(e) Set permission of the file to Read and write by all (777) if a -> d doesn't work

I figured out this problem when i read config.log during compilation of ffmpeg

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hi i have done as you said . still i got same error . any help?? –  Asta ni enohpi Jan 27 '12 at 11:52
I would advise to use this version of gas-preprocessor: github.com/libav/gas-preprocessor –  MonsieurDart Apr 30 '14 at 20:45

I had the same issue after following the above steps in OSX Lion. It seems that my /usr/local/bin directory was only accessible by root on my system (this path seemed to be owned by macports).

After putting gas-preprocessor.pl in /usr/bin the configure process ran fine.

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