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I have the tree of my tree outline show below: enter image description here

From the picture, I have to touch at scaleCanvas for 2 second, then the wsMenu will appear at this touch point. But when menu appeared, I hope the TouchEventArgs to found wsMenu which appear on my finger but it still found scaleCanvas at lower level. I want that finger to routed again and found wsMenu which shown in the red line. If it still like this I can choose menu at the next touch only.
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I cannot test this with a touch device, it works with a mouse -

Try calling wsMenu.CaptureMouse() after the menu has appeared.

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Thanks kowd, it help me some ways but it doesn't what I want. I hope e.source will be changed. Actually, I hope it to re-RoutedEvent again in that touch so that it will changed the e.source. –  Porawat Chimcherdsin Feb 20 '11 at 15:37
It still not work. it found everytime although I didn't touch it. It should be found when my finger touch on it only. Regards, C.Porawat –  Porawat Chimcherdsin Feb 20 '11 at 15:56

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