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is it possible to disable jeditable for a table at runtime?

The case:

I got different steps for the User, the table is always visible, but should be just in one single step editable. The user can switch the steps as he likes.

I found nothing about that in the jeditable docs.

I tryed to remove the triggering class, but after initialization, it does not effect the "editability" ("editability" is more german than english, but I guess you understand me ;)).


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This is an example. I hope can help you:

$(document).ready(function() {
     $(".editable").editable("http://www.example.com/save.php";, {
         indicator : '<img src="img/indicator.gif">',
         type : "textarea",
         submit : "OK"
     }, function(value, settings) {

From this link jEditable: how to remove behaviour answered by plugin's author

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Thx, "unbind" was the right hint :). In my case (I need to set all affected cells with one trigger): >> $('.theClassName').unbind('click.editable'); << works fine.I'm happy :). –  maddin2code Feb 20 '11 at 17:18

IMHO, the simplest way is:


and if you need to enable it back

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