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After the Oracle takeover of Sun and the changes at, I am no longer able to find any official samples of Java EE applications. The Blueprints and Glassfish Samples sites still exist, but links from them are all dead.

Is there anywhere I'm overlooking? I'm interested in the Pet Store application in particular.

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Yup... it looks like no one has updated the links that went into * in the huge cache of documents that Oracle acquired when they acquired Sun.

The site isn't on-line... but the code for it is... if that makes sense.

The Blueprints are at

The PetStore is at

A useful 'source root' is probably this:

The ws subdirectory is the WorkSpace (where the code is) and the www directory has the HTML/CSS/.js source of the website.

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Thanks! In addition to these, it looks like the "Java EE Code Samples & Apps" are useful:… – Haakon Feb 23 '11 at 14:23

Because it was moved on if I recall correctly.

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