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Has anyone used this ORM?

Telerik OpenAccess

Critiques/Praise? I work in an office that is heavily invested in other telerik venues and I would like to know more about their newest product and whether or not it should be avoided.

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I'm testing it, the free Express version.


  • Performance (caching, lazy load etc. out of the box)
  • Easy integration
  • Great VS.NET integration, wizards
  • Cool community


  • Missing real distributed architecture support and patterns
  • Wizards hide configuration files and sometimes you must fix thing with hand
  • SQL CE support still missing

Chris is right, but Entity Framework works like beta, and OA has LINQ support too.

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OA and LINQ support! most of the methods are marked depreciated... I've had enough of OA –  Rohan West May 21 '09 at 23:08

Personally, I think .net's Linq and it's entity framework are the best since sliced bread. I also use telerik a lot and look into everything that they make but ORM doesn't compare to M$ .NET Linq.


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