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I'm trying to convert a set of arcs to a set of edges for some simple visualization work.

my arc data currently looks like:


I need to convert it to edges, so the directions are combined, looking like this:


I'm thinking there should be a very pythonic way to do this, but not sure what the most elegant way is.

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Here's an approach using a dictionary where the keys are the ends of the arc in sorted order:

import collections
d = collections.defaultdict(int)
for n1, n2, v in arcdata:
    d[min(n1, n2), max(n1, n2)] += v
result = [[k[0], k[1], v] for k, v in d.iteritems()]
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+1 And for even more fun (and scalability w.r.t. number of ns), use advanced iterable unpacking: for *ns, v in arcdata: d[tuple(sorted(ns))] += v. – delnan Feb 20 '11 at 15:58

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