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Can someone please give me a link to a tutorial or answer how to read msil.

I think once I learn how to read this it could be a very useful tool.

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Download reflector and look at the IL and the vb/c# code to see what is happening.

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The instructions are defined in the CLI specification, available at http://www.ecma-international.org/publications/standards/Ecma-335.htm, but this is pretty heavy going.

Serge Lidin's book is the probably the best resource for learning about IL and ILDASM.

Finally, if you want to just decompile assemblies rather than actually learn your way around IL itself, it is much easier to use Reflector which will show you the code in C# or Visual Basic format -- much easier to understand!

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The following tutorials are an excellent start:

Then I suggest you download the ECMA 335 specification here in pdf form. Go to section III to get a list of all available IL op-codes, their parameters, equivalent hex, etc. When I'm writing in MSIL I always have this document open.

Finally, download .NET Reflector, write some .net code and look at the compiled output. You'll get a good grasp of how things translate from the high-level language to their respective IL codes.

alt text

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Kenny Kerr has a series that introduces MSIL.

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Are you talking about the MSIL Disassember that is a part of the SDK? Any book on the IL should most probably do the trick.

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