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My plan is to develop a multi-tier, multi-platform database application. I would like to consume the data from cocoa/objective c apps, .net apps, and web browsers. I don’t really know where to start and have been looking a Python, but can’t find if cocoa/objective c apps can consume python data objects. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to achieve my goal?

My requirements are:

  1. Data layer should be platform independent.
  2. Whole system is scalable. Therefore multi tier.
  3. Data access can be from cocoa, .net and web based clients.
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You can make python and objective-c work together. Since you can use 100% normal C you can use the Python C interface. It's very tedious though.

There's also PyObjC. This acts as a bridge between Objective-C and Python. The documentation is pretty good and it will be much simpler than using the Python C interface directly.

You could also try using Thrift. Thrift is like Protocol Buffers by Google, but has support for generating Objective-C classes. You will have to write some boiler plate code to convert the data object into a thrift object; but after that is done you can pass information amongst any of the languages thrift supports. Documentation is on the thin side; I wrote a tutorial on using with Objective-C available on the thrift wiki here some time ago, not sure if it us up-to-date though as there have been several releases of thrift since then.

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