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I want to use SqlMembershipProvider to manage my users in my application. The way the provider identifies Users is using a GUI/UniqueIdentifier and the way i identify my users is using a INT (identity) column. What's the best practice? Do i:

  • Rewrite my tables so my users are treated as GUIDs like Membership?
  • Create a mapping table to relate a single user to both tables?
  • Or other idea?
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2 Answers 2

  • You can override all SqlMembershipProvider method that uses identity
  • Or adjust them to use mapping table
  • But if you still want to use ASP.NET Membership infrastructure, the simplest way is to use GUIDs
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It would largely depend on what your current system is like. But if there are no repressions from doing this I would go the KISS way and use the guid as a unique id for the rest of your application.

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