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Say you have a model Person. Each Person object can have many Friends (Field_HasMany).

If you want to get a simple array of name/id pairs for a given Person's friends, is it faster/better to get the Friends like so:

$friends = $person->friends;

and then create an array from that object with a foreach loop


do a select, like so:

$friends = Jelly::select('friend')
->as_array('name', 'id');
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Basically what Jelly does is build the correct query when you request a $person's friends (which is similar to your custom query)

To get friends in an array, you can do exactly the same thing as you're doing with your custom query:

$friends = $person->friends->as_array('id', 'name');
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the problem is other... because one (note ONE) person can have many (MANY) Friends so the relationship is not many to many is One to Many :S other think if you really need many to many relationship you need a third table to glue. in this case if you have a one to many relationship "a person have many friends". you can do Person->friends->findAll() to fetch all friends of a given person ID :)

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just a quick note: findAll is not in Jelly, nor does it follow Kohana conventions; find_all is what is used in ORM :) –  SpadXIII Feb 21 '11 at 8:21
Thanks, I've corrected the example to give the right field type for the Person/Friends relationship. –  chiurlo Feb 23 '11 at 15:30

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