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IBM acquired FileNet to add BPM with document management, but also actively sells DB2 Content Manager (CM). Please suggest which product suite to choose for which scenario. Both seems to provide highly scalable solution, with support for document & record management, basic workflow is present in DB2 CM, etc.

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This is a depends answer. You really need to talk to an IBM sales rep. They'll be able to provides you which is better to use in what case. –  Albert T. Wong Mar 24 '11 at 19:59

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IBM Content Manager is a very flat Document Management System. If that's only what you need, than it's OK. If you really want a more dynamic workflows sytem, which also has DMS then you should use Filenet.

IBM CM atleast version 8.3/8.4 is a very 'old' system and it lacks some basics functions, like deleting meta-data attributes. It is supposed to be a DB2 problem, but if you buy the product it's out of the box supported by DB2.

I don't know about Filenet, but now a days I wouldn't suggest to take IBM CM, because it's not even near any full-proof ECM systems, which are available now a days.

As an experienced ECM consultant, I've seen few implementation were no modifications are needed. And IBM CM isn't a pleasant product to develop on :).

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Actually i find Content Managers API set much easier to deal with than Filenet's. If you want basic document storage, Content Manager will work for you. If you want to have complex workflows, filenet is a better fit.

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If you have a lot of experience with the API's can you answer this question? stackoverflow.com/q/5571670/676675 –  Tahir Malik Apr 6 '11 at 19:18

If you don't need OnDemand, go with FileNet!

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