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I know there are hundreds of questions asking how to update already written text on console and I know I can do it printing the \r character.

My issue comes when I use Console.readPassword or Console.readLine which creates a new line and later I can't overwrite it.

I think that my issue isn't related to something special about the* methods but to new lines. \r goes to the start of the current line, I need to be able to go to the start of the previous N line and start overwriting from there. Or just clear the entire screen.

Any ideas how can I do this?


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In principle, this is terminal dependent, and with simple Java means there is no way to do this for all consoles.

Many terminals (at least in unixoid systems) support ANSI-escape sequences, so you can there write something like "\u001B[1;5H" to move the cursor to line 1, columnn 5.

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I guess that works, I'll leave this unanswered for a while to see if someone comes with something more clean. Thanks. – Franco Feb 20 '11 at 20:44

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