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So a similar question was asked here:

Do you know some good resources for learning NoSQL databases?

but the answer the asker got was basically "pick an actual db and then learn that".

I am using mongo, and getting by O.K. but I remember seeing a great mapping between standard SQL queries and their mongo equivalents somewhere. Now, despite tons of googling I can't find that chart again.

Does anyone know a good resource for an experienced user of SQL to understand Mongo equivalents to basic queries?


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I believe the chart you are looking for is this: http://rickosborne.org/download/SQL-to-MongoDB.pdf

Other than that, the MongoDB.org documentation is a good starting point. There's also the MongoDB Cookbook - not much there, but a few scenarios. More something to keep an eye on as stuff is added.

I recently bought MongoDB: The Definitive Guide book from O'Reilly - the best single resource I've read so far, so I really recommend that.

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Just for the record, you can read that book at google books too. (But it's worth to buy it!) –  Ben Feb 20 '11 at 21:01

http://nosql.mypopescu.com/post/392418792/translate-sql-to-mongodb-mapreduce http://www.mongodb.org/display/DOCS/SQL+to+Mongo+Mapping+Chart

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The community page at MongoDB.org has a bunch of great leads for you, including the IRC channel (those guys are always online ready to answer any questions you have for free), the Google Groups, and perhaps the most important link they have on there is links to MongoDB events where you can go for a full day of presentations of MongoDB.

I went to the first MongoNYC and it was great. Although, after the conference, most (if not all) of the presenters also presented the same content at the MongoDb NY meetups for free.

Check Meetup.com for local MongoDB groups.

Finally, I found that StackOverflow is a great way to learn too, just by subscribing to the mongodb tag and reading it all.

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