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I'm writing a configuration menu with many options and I'd like to add in the main PreferenceScreen an option that can launch an other PreferenceScreen.

I can't figure out how to create a generic menu entry (so, nor EditTextPreference nor CheckBoxPreference etc.)

Thanks to all.

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Nest your PreferenceScreen elements. The inner PreferenceScreen will hold the contents of the second screen; the title and description you put on the inner PreferenceScreen will be your "generic menu entry".

For example:

    <PreferenceCategory android:title="Simple Preferences">
            android:title="Checkbox Preference"
            android:summary="Check it on, check it off"
            android:title="Ringtone Preference"
            android:summary="Pick a tone, any tone"
    <PreferenceCategory android:title="Detail Screens">
            android:title="Detail Screen"
            android:summary="Additional preferences held in another page">
                android:title="Another Checkbox"
                android:summary="On. Off. It really doesn't matter."
    <PreferenceCategory android:title="Other Preferences">
            android:title="Text Entry Dialog"
            android:summary="Click to pop up a field for entry"
            android:dialogTitle="Enter something useful"
            android:title="Selection Dialog"
            android:summary="Click to pop up a list to choose from"
            android:dialogTitle="Choose a Pennsylvania city" />

(which is from this sample project)

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Always make sure to define android:key for nested PreferenceScreen; Otherwise you may get NullPointerException . I had spent lots of hour to figure out this in my project . –  I-droid Aug 5 '14 at 6:23

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