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Is it possible to use Morphia in Scala?

Are there any other lightweight ORMs for MongoDB that support scala?

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Morphia is just a persistence layer based on mongo-java-driver that uses annotation in a JPA-style for object mapping. It should perfectly work with Scala.

Among the "native" Scala drivers (worth to mention that all of them are also based on mongo-java-driver), Rogue (developed by Foursquare) is the closest ideologically to Morphia (though it doesn't use annotations, which aren't considered to be Scala-idiomatic).

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Although I liked Salat, Rouge was really helpful. In the end, I ended up using Morphia anyway. –  akshaykarthik Feb 21 '11 at 21:30
We must use Lift if we want to use Rogue don't we? –  jpartogi Jun 21 '11 at 0:33
Are there any performance issues or 'in-inefficiencies' in using a Java based driver for a Scala implementation? Just curious.. –  dsignr Jul 20 '12 at 13:29
@imaginonic: logically thinking, there shouldn't—I don't think it matters if the JVM is calling code from what was originally a .java file vs a .scala file... but somebody with better insight could confirm. –  Erik Allik Jan 10 at 18:17
@jpartogi: not Lift as in Lift the Web Framework; just lift-record will do. –  Erik Allik Mar 19 at 3:43

Check out Salat:


Salat uses pickled Scala signatures to serialize and deserialize case classes.

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I prefer "Mongo Scala Driver":


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When can I find a complex demo of it? I tried a day, but still don't know how to save a user refs many question model. –  Freewind Mar 20 '11 at 9:02

Morphia is probably much more approachable and has a (much) smoother learning curve, but it's crucial to realize that the static type-safety and auto-completion support Rogue gives you when querying is really one level above Morphia—Morphia is only runtime safe, which they also admit right the beginning of the README.


val checkin: Option[Checkin] =
  Checkin where (_.venueid eqs id)
    and (_.userid eqs mayor.id)
    and (_.cheat eqs false)
    and (_._id after sixtyDaysAgo) 


Employee scottsBoss =
  ds.find(Employee.class).filter("underlings", scottsKey).get();

If you change any of the field names or query values to be incorrect, you'll get an immediate typing error, whereas Morphia will only throw an exception at runtime.

See http://engineering.foursquare.com/2011/01/21/rogue-a-type-safe-scala-dsl-for-querying-mongodb/

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