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The PHP documentation for the mongo class says using a cursor instead of iterator_to_array is superior. Why? What benefits/flexibility will I get from that?

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Fortunately, the docs have been edited since the time this question was asked, and they justify their advice clearly and explicitly now on the very page you've linked to. – Mark Amery May 13 '15 at 23:31
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Using iterator_to_array() makes your driver load all of the results into memory at once, and you could easily run out of memory. This would not be the case with a cursor, which uses lazy-loading!

Straight from the linked docs:


$cursor = $collection->find();



Suppose that, in the example above, $collection was a 50GB collection. We certainly wouldn't want to load that into memory all at once, which is what a cursor is for: allowing the client to access the collection in dribs and drabs.

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