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I am trying to figure out the first level dependencies of spring-webmvc. This is for an environment where I have to manually put in place the dependencies.

http://mvnrepository.com/artifact/org.springframework/spring-webmvc/3.0.5.RELEASE shows a list of 42 dependencies in the "This artifact depends on ..."

When I use the Maven POM in my laptop, I see 7 (all 3.0.5):

  1. spring-asm
  2. spring-beans
  3. spring-context
  4. spring-context-support
  5. spring-core
  6. spring-expression
  7. spring-web

Those 42 dependencies are deep dependencies and I think I can count on the 7. The 7 are already to go in the environment so I should just have to go with adding spring-webmvc 3.0.5, right?


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That depends on which features you use. That list of 42 JARs is the worst-case scenario. –  skaffman Feb 21 '11 at 0:07

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You can use the SpringSource Enterprise Bundle Repository to check individual module direct dependencies.

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