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In the following code, I'm using Ajax.BeginForm to post data to the action asynchronously. The action gets called but the results are displayed to a new web page. I'v looked at a ton of example. This doesn't seem difficult. I've made the example extremely simple for a proof of concept (poc), but I'm still seeing a new page displayed.


    [OutputCache(Location = OutputCacheLocation.None, NoStore = true)]
    public string TestAjax(UserViewModel viewModel)

        return viewModel.UserName;


@model BasicMvc3Example2.Models.UserViewModel

    ViewBag.Title = "Index2";
    Layout = null;//"~/Views/Shared/_Layout.cshtml";

      <script src="/BasicMvc3Example2/Scripts/jquery-1.4.4.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="/BasicMvc3Example2/Scripts/jquery-ui.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="/BasicMvc3Example2/Scripts/jquery.validate.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="/BasicMvc3Example2/Scripts/jquery.validate.unobtrusive.js" type="text/javascript"></script>

    <script type="text/javascript">
        function PostFailure(){

        function PostSuccess(){

        function PostOnComplete() {

    Page Rendered: @DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString()
    @using (Ajax.BeginForm("TestAjax", new AjaxOptions { HttpMethod = "Post", UpdateTargetId = "textEntered", OnFailure = "PostFailure", OnSuccess = "PostSuccess", OnComplete = "PostOnComplete" }))
           @Html.LabelFor(m => m.UserName)
           @Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.UserName)

           @Html.LabelFor(m => m.Password)
           @Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.Password)

           @Html.LabelFor(m => m.EmailAddress)
           @Html.TextBoxFor(m => m.EmailAddress)

        <input type="submit" id="submitForm" value="Submit Form" />

    <div id="textEntered">d</div>
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Can you check _Layout.cshtml and make sure the ajax script is referenced? I don't think it is by default:

<script src="@Url.Content("~/Scripts/jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.min.js")" type="text/javascript"></script>
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Thanks for the solution. I've been fighting this for over a day. The reference was not in the layout page, so I added it to the View. It seems to work now. Also, can you tell me what scripts I do not need? Thanks again –  BarDev Feb 21 '11 at 0:25
Well, I removed all of the scripts except for jquery.unobtrusive-ajax.js and everything still seems to be working. –  BarDev Feb 21 '11 at 0:27
@BarDev, for ajax, I think this is the only script you will need. If you end up using other functionality (like validation), then you'll need references to those scripts at that time. –  Jeff Ogata Feb 21 '11 at 0:38
This answer is also true for MVC4, as I just experienced! –  Marcel Mar 15 '13 at 12:10
It worked, but why? Does it ignore "@section Scripts" within a partial? –  Arman Bimatov Nov 2 '13 at 23:52

Also remember that you need this in the webconfig

    <add key="ClientValidationEnabled" value="true" />
    <add key="UnobtrusiveJavaScriptEnabled" value="true" />
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