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I have VisualSVN Server and I want to create an internet facing repository on my computer but I can't seem to get it right. I created the repository, disabled https, and I'm trying to access the server through:

svn:// or

but each case gives me an error.

In the case of svn protocol:

Can't connect to host '': No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

And in the http case:

OPTIONS of '': could not connect to server (

What am I missing?
Do I need to configure an Apache server or something like that in order to be able to make the server public?

Update: I'm running on Windows 7, windows firewall is disabled, no other firewall is installed

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The easiest way to do this is to configure Apache to serve out the SVN repository. Example configuration:

LoadModule dav_module modules/
LoadModule dav_svn_module modules/
<Location /svn>
  DAV svn
  SVNPath /usr/local/subversion/repos
    AuthType Basic
    AuthName "Subversion Repository"
    AuthUserFile /etc/svn-auth-file
    Require valid-user
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but doesn't VisualSVN Server already configure apache to do this? – bevacqua Feb 21 '11 at 1:33

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