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I am making a file editor and would like to give my users a nice IDE in which to edit their html/css files on the browser. Is there any editor that works similarly to TinyMCE but instead of being a WYSIWYG editor it is like a mini IDE and has code line numbering, syntax highlighting, etc. ?

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CodeMirror is pretty nice. There's also Ace (and various derived web-IDE projects) and Ymacs (which is basically an Emacs clone for the Web).

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So you want something that (a) runs in the browser, something like the built-in textarea, and in particular does not require your user to download and install any software, and (b) does automatic syntax highlighting and line numbering of the HTML/CSS code they edit?

Will any of the following work for you? (Some of them might require you to set up a textarea where the user types and a separate div tag where the formatted text shows up, something like the Stack Overflow system; others let the user type directly into the formatted text).

The article "9 Useful Javascript Syntax Highlighting Scripts" mentions

SyntaxHighlighter is an open source Java Script client side code syntax highlighter.

SHJS stands for Syntax Highlighting in Javascript.

beautyOfCode is a jQuery plugin for syntax highlighting. xhtml-compliant.

Chili is a jQuery code syntax highlighting plugin. Supports line numbers.

Lighter.js is a free syntax highlighting plugin for MooTools.


DlHighlight a JavaScript-based syntax highlighting engine.

Google Code Prettify a Javascript module and CSS file that allows syntax highlighting

JUSH -- JavaScript Syntax Highlighter is yet another jQuery syntax highlighting plugin for client-side syntax highlighting

A few others:

"Implementing a syntax-higlighting JavaScript editor in JavaScript" at codemirror via ajaxian

jQuery Syntax Highlighter provides an interface for using Google's Prettify with jQuery.

McHighlight: syntax-highlighter in JavaScript

jQuery.Syntax is a syntax highlighter written in JavaScript.

"StackOverflow: Free Syntax Highlighting editor control in JavaScript"

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web2py (a full-stack Python web framework) includes a web-based IDE (see demo). For code editing, the web2py IDE uses EditArea (demo) by default, with the option to switch to Amy Editor (demo) if preferred. Here is what the EditArea editor looks like in the web2py IDE. If you want to get some ideas for how to incorporate these editors into an application, you can check out the source code of the web2py "admin" app (that's the web-based IDE), which is included in the web2py distribution.

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