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Looking for:

If 'these words' are entered in this text box

Disable the submit button

Otherwise, submit.

This works for empty required fields:

<xsl:if test="@Required='TRUE'">
           <span style="color:#FF0000;font-size:14px;">&#160;*</span>

But can't seem to make it work to test for unwanted words.

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the above code is for displaying * in red color not for disabling the submit button. in case you need to disable the submit button you have to attach javascript to do the same

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Ashutosh, I posted that to show the if test is working to validate the required fields but when I add javascript to detect certain words in a field, it doesn't. So I'm looking for a script that will. – matt Feb 22 '11 at 1:35
I ended up using a calculated field which detects "bad" words and throws an alert that has to be closed. Doesn't stop bots submitting the form unfortunately.1/FIND BAD WORDS: =IF(COUNT(SEARCH({"bad","words"} 2/IN THIS COL: ,p3)), 3/IF THERE, RETURN THIS: alert "Sorry,blah blah" 4/IF NOT, THIS: ,Pre&p2&Post) – matt Apr 3 '11 at 17:03

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