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trying to learn how to parse pages with yql execute. I want to return the text and images separately. I also want to change the width of all the images. Tried to write javascript for this but it isn't working. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

    var q = y.query('select * from html where url=@url and xpath=@xpath',{url:url,xpath:xpath});
            var myresults = q.results;
            var images = myresults.getElementsByTagName('img');
            text = myresults.getElementById("p").textContent;
            response.object = <text>{text}</text> <images>{images}</images>;
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Actually you can do something very similar to what you want by just using th html table that is built into YQL. Here an example where I am selecting img and p elements from this article.

I use two different XPath expressions within one Xpath:


The full query:

SELECT * FROM html WHERE url="" AND xpath="//div[@id='left_col']//img|//div[@id='left_col']//p"

Try it out.

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