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I want to be able to pull data from one site that has highscores to my site which will store them so other people can look at them in the future, since it resets on the game everyday. is there a way to pull the data? and is there also a way to have it pull it at a certain time by itself so that its completely accurate?

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It totally depends on how the scores are displayed. You could probably write a simple script to do some screen scraping and setup a cron task to run the script daily.

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Well the best option would be to have access to where the scores data is temorarily stored, and then just write a service to retrieve them from there.

But this depends a lot on your sites setup and the setup of the site which has the scoring information, mind giving some more information?

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where the highscores are originally is an php site, and mine is also html :P jus to clarify that up. im not quite sure how to go about to get the info off the page and how to store it onto another page –  Mason Feb 21 '11 at 3:52

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